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tv   Leaders with Lacqua  Bloomberg  July 30, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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john: i am john heilemann. mark: i am mark halperin. >> can you please keep it down? we are trying to make history here. ♪ welcome to this addition of "best of with all due respect." hillary clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. star-studdedtoric democratic convention and donald trump found ways to make headlines. let's start with hillary clinton in her own words in
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philadelphia. hillary clinton: just ask yourself, you really think donald trump has the temperament to become commander-in-chief? donald trump cannot even handle the rough and humble of the presidential campaign. -- humble of a presidential campaign. he has gotten a tough question from a reporter who we challenged in a debate, when he sees a protester at the rally, imagine, if you dare imagine, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with the tweets is not the man we can trust with nuclear weapons. [cheering]
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put it clinton: i can't any better than jackie kennedy date after the cuban missile crisis. she said that would worried president kennedy doing that very dangerous time was that a war might be started. not by big men with self-control and restraint, but by little men , the once moved by fear and pride. moved by fear and pride. [applause] hillary clinton: america's strength does not come from lashing out. it relies on smarts, judgment, cold resolve and the precise and strategic application of power, and that is the type of commander-in-chief i pledge to be. [cheering] hillary clinton: if we are
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serious about keeping our country safe, we also can't afford to have a president who is in the pocket of the gun lobby. [cheering] hillary clinton: i am not here to repeal the second amendment. i am not here to tickle your guns. -- two take away your guns. i just don't want you to be shot by someone who should not have a gun in the first place. [cheering] hillary clinton: we will work tirelessly with responsible gun owners to pass commonsense reforms and keep guns out of the
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hands of criminals, terrorists, and all others who would do us harm. for decades, people have said this issue was too hard to solve in politics, too hot to touch, but i ask you, how can we stand by and do nothing? you heard, you saw family members of people killed by gun violence on this stage. you heard, you saw family members of police officers killed in the line of duty because they were outgunned by criminals. i refuse to believe we cannot find common ground here. we have to heal the divides in our country, not just on guns, but on race, immigration, and more. [applause] hillary clinton: and that starts
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with glistening. --tening to each other listening. listening to each other, trying as best we can to walk in each other's shoes, so let's put ourselves in the shoes of the young black and latino men and women who face the effective systemic racism and who may just feel like their lives are disposable. [cheering] hillary clinton: let's put ourselves in the shoes of police officers kissing their kids and spouses goodbye every day, heading off to do a .angerous and necessary job we will reform our criminal justice system from end-to-end and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. [applause] hillary clinton: and we will rights,ur rights, civil
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human rights and voting rights, women's rights, workers rights, lgbt writes, and the rights of people with disabilities. [cheering] hillary clinton: and we will stand up against me and divisive rhetoric, wherever -- against mean and divisive rhetoric, wherever it comes from. for the past year, many people made the mistake of blocking off donald trump's comments, excusing him as an entertainer putting on a show. they thought he could not possibly mean all the horrible things he says, like when he called women pigs or so that an american judge cannot be fair because of his mexican heritage, or when he mocked and mimicked the reporter with a disability or insults prisoners aboard like john mccain, a hero and patriot
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who deserves our respect. , i cannoti admit believe he meant it either. it was just too hard to fathom that someone who wants to lead our nation could say those butgs, could be like that, here's the sad truth. there is no other donald trump. this is it. down tond, it comes what donald trump does not get. america is great because america is good. [applause] hillary clinton: enough with the bigotry and bombast. offer realp does not change. he offers empty promises. we are offering a bold agenda to
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improve the lives of people across our country to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, to get your kids the opportunities they deserve. the choice is clear, my friends. every generation of americans has come together to make our , andry freer, fairer stronger. none of us ever have or can do it alone. i know that i had a time when so much seems to be pulling this apart, it can be hard to imagine how we will ever pull together, but i'm here to tell you tonight progress is possible. i know because i have seen it in the lives of people across america to get knocked down and get right back up, and i know it from my own life. more than a few times, i have had to pick myself up and get back in the game.
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[cheering] hillary clinton: like so much else in my life, i got this from my mother, too, she never let me back down from any challenge. when i tried to hide from a neighborhood bully, she literally blocked the door. go back out there, she said. she was right. .ou have to stand up to bullies you have to keep working to make things better, even when the odds are long and the opposition is fierce. ♪ gn bernie sanders's campai manager talks about getting supporters to fall in line at the dnc.
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♪ >> brotherly love is sweltering
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today. temperatures in the mid-90's and humidity over 100%. joining us to talk about this caught mess of the convention rollout, bernie sanders' campaingn manager. i have my gavel and i will hit you. you said a lot of people per sanders will not be for hillary clinton. at this convention, are they easier to control? >> nobody is under control. it is a democratic convention. it will be great. we will come out unified, the trump, and we will go forward. >> so far, there has been a lot of chanting of bernie and doing of hillary. you cannot control them, but what can you do to help? ,> we sent them e-mails, texts encourage them to act with a certain level of the current. >> -- certain level of the
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quorum. >> but it hasn't worked so far. >> i have not been on the floor yet. >> they are chanting for bernie and against her. >> can you do anything to quiet the people beyond the text? >> has the convention goes on, as people get into the spirit of unity, you will see change. >> just to get to the broader question -- >> mark? >> there was a time when bernie sanders was the leader of the movement. pass the movement -- is the movement out of the barn door? this movement now has a life force of its own. does and always has. bernie sanders did not create the movement. the movement was of people in the country upset about status quo. he did galvanize it and became the face of the movement, but
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this is never about one campaign. >> what does it matter if the endorses or tonight? extremelyink he is influential with the people who love supported him and the fact that he has laid out the case about why we need to support hillary clinton and is the trump is very persuasive with many people. >> this speech is not done, but are you adding things now to try and deal with the reality of what happens to senator sanders? sanders writes speeches to the last minute, so i am sure will incorporate the current events. >> is he aware of the fact that this is unexpectedly volatile? we sought this afternoon. jeff: i would not say unexpectedly volatile. i would not use that characterization. when he says, i endorse hillary clinton, did you ask back -- do you expect cap of the
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convention hall to be brewing? >> no. >> it seems based off the today that it will. >> that room today was not just delegates but there were other people in there as well. i think the delegates are a subset of the people in that room. >> do you feel as though his endorsement of tim kaine was wholehearted? honest think it was an endorsement of tim kaine. i think it is important to point out that whatever reservations people have about tim kaine, on his worst days, as sanders said, he paraphrases 10 times better than donald trump, so yes, i do. >> one thing we like is you are pretty calm. i am trying to get a sense of how you feel about what is going on, or your supporters are threatening to disrupt part of the convention. are you indifferent, sad, angry, confused? jeff: i am always calm on the outside. >> what is going on inside?
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how do you feel about it? jeff: i hope people behave respectively. >> are you in turmoil, happy? what do you feel? jeff: i feel like i wish people would act with some decorum and i will try to make that happen. >> i think you are probably mostly hungry. jeff: i will not say it is not true. >> is there a role for senator sanders this week after tonight? jeff: absolutely, yes. thisnk it is a part of unifying function that he is going to be playing and bringing people together. >> what will he be doing? jeff: speaking that delegation breakfasts, meeting with different groups of people, delegations. >> he goes for the extra and eric grassroots fundraising mechanism. will he be pulling his full shoulder into using that fundraising and mechanism be built to try to raise money for her?
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jeff: there are discussions about what that will affect and how that plays. i hate to talk about discussions. >> where will they end up? jeff: you never know. >> what are the areas of discussion? : they would like him to send e-mails to their list. >> why wouldn't he do that if the endorses or? jeff: i don't know that he won't. >> prize and he already on board? jeff: they are not saying boo. >> what is there left to negotiate? jeff: he is for her. that is your characterization. >> you just told me that i was not a good negotiator. every time secretary clinton is mentioned, your people are booing. what i continue for the next four days? jeff: i hope not. >> if you really want to make people think he is for her, jeff
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weaver, thank you for coming. >> when we come back, our conversation with senator bob casey. ♪
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♪ >> our next guest uses convention speech last night. democraticthe delegate, senator bob casey of the commonwealth pennsylvania one of our host for the week. thank you. if i put you in a room with 12 upporters, once you are unhappy, and you were to make the case, what would you say? i would focus on the middle class. one thing hillary said and she put it on her website, she says
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-- and i'm paraphrasing -- raising income for hard-working americans, i think that is the place of unity and i think it was the focus of hillary's campaign and bernie's as well. [applause] >> there are two separate questions. have [indiscernible] casey: i think we will be well on the way the unity but there will be work after this. i do not think unity occurs at the magic moment in the convention. it will take some work. my sense of this, i do not have data to back it up, but my sense is we will have to spend more time this summer focusing on younger voters, but i think we will get there. a lot of that is drawing the contrast, which is evident between the two candidates. sanders't saw senator
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brother overseas cast his vote. the dnc, evidence now released pretty clearly that people at the dnc supported hillary clinton, favorite or in the process. in real time, we suck senator sanders asked for more debates and hillary clinton asking for a few her. she got her way. do feel comfortable saying the dnc favored hillary clinton during the nomination process? not knowasey: i do enough about the content of the e-mails, but there's a question there has to be accountability in the potential violations. is vocusave to do now on winning the general election. >> you do not know enough to say that the democratic party favored hillary clinton? senator casey: i have not read enough. >> is that aggravate you that the viewers of your party would favor one candidate over the others? casey: it will outrage
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me if there is not accountability, but i think there is time to impose that. >> what kind of things would you look for to say? senator casey: i am not a dnc mechanic. what i have got to do now is sure we win. and she will, by the way. >> you think? let's talk about that. there are polls in your state that have shown a close racing poll. my you as confident about pennsylvania as you are? senator casey: because of who the candidate is and who the candidate is on the other side. our state is relatively close. last time, the president won by five, but i think she will win mostly because of the undecided voters get to that choice, not just between the candidates, but the two with national and economic security, i think hillary will do quite well. in the end, do you donald
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trump will do better in pennsylvania than mitt romney? senator casey: slightly but not enough to win. >> why? senator casey: it may be because his focus on the trade issue is one rason, and we still have to make sure that people know that there is a basic difference. you are talking about the candidate in terms of trump who has no economic plan that i can point to that focuses on the fundamentals of what the middle class has been concerned about in this idea that i think has been very elusive for both parties. >> how do put together a strategy to raise wages? senator casey: after world war ii, wages went up into the 1970's and 9% for the next 40 years. we are at the end of the 40 years. we have a challenge that we got to meet. >> you are a good friend of president obama. have you talked amid all about when he thinks about the speech
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he will get tomorrow night? casey: i have not. last time we talked was about national security. i think you'll figure it out. i will say he has got a high bar to meet after the first lady speaking muslim. >> that is true -- speaking last night. >> that is true. breach of themef in the high-profile speeches the next two nights? presidentsey: for clinton, i hope you would give a speech which is the validation of not just her service but how she improve people's lives in the time that she was the end .dvocate -- the young advocate for president obama, maybe similar, maybe more per time as secretary of --
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we will have to hold on there. >> georgia, you have cast 87 votes for hillary clinton [indiscernible] thank you, again. >> the rollcall continues. we will watch it as you go through the program. senator, thank you for hosting us and joining us. >> still ahead, president obama's former litigation director and her take on the democratic convention. ♪ . . .
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